Welcome!  My website has three main sections-one for my pottery,  one for my jewelry work, and a third section for my theater work.  Please wander around and explore the pages.  Yes indeed, its all the same person!


Over the years I’ve found that my creativity and passions are most fully and naturally expressed in these art forms and bring me a deep and profound satisfaction.  The balance of performing and visual arts is very important to me.


Online Store coming soon!  You may see some items listed for sale, but please be patient-its not quite functional yet!  I hope to be able to start shipping items by mid December at the latest.


Pottery & Jewelry:



OPEN HOUSE at Toshiko Takaezu Studio. Sunday, December 4, 2016. 1pm-6pm.  Spread the word!  Weather permitting we will be cranking up the pizza oven as well!




Good news is that we are renovating the old apprentice space to create new galleries to display the work of Toshiko and the studio artists.  Right now that's me and Don Fletcher and Curtis Fontaine.  So if you want to drop by, just contact me.  I'd be delighted to show you my work and this amazing studio.


Working on posting new photos and getting ready to launch an online store right here on my website.  So stay tuned!




The big news in this area is that I am taking a sabbatical from theater and teaching.  For the next year or two or five, I will be focusing on my ceramic and metal work here at the Toshiko Takaezu Studio.  Of course, if the itch to do theater becomes too strong or someone offers me a dream project I'll let you know-loud and proud!



The password for this short documentary of my work is: karin

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