Workshops for Actors and Teachers

Karin Abromaitis has been presenting workshops, master classes and residencies for actors and teacher professional development since 1987. Listed below are descriptions of the workshops currently available for booking.  Ms. Abromaitis welcomes the opportunity to develop new workshops for your school or organization.


Creativity Crossing Training:   Just as crossing training in sports maximizes overall physical strength and conditioning, Creativity Cross Training will maximize the ease and depth of access to your own innate creative potential.  This workshop will draw on poetry, drawing, sculpting, vocalization, and movement activities to connect us to our creative selves.


All of my Creativity workshops are easily customized to meet different organizational needs.  Focus modules are interchangeable to suit the concerns of general audiences, business groups, students, and teachers looking for new ways to access their students’ imaginations.


Stories Out of Mud:  Stories Out of Mud is a collection of three stand-alone workshops that can be combined or expanded in several ways to create exciting experiences in multiple art forms in lengths anywhere from 3 hours to three days.  Many of the activities are the same as in the Creativity Cross Training workshop, but in this format are focused on professional teacher development for creative approaches to writing. 


o    Instant Plays:  Based on theatre improvisations and acting games this workshop creates scripts on the spot with an entire class of students.   

o    Improv Poetry:  Using visual arts, music and theatre games to generate imagery for poems and create a book.

o    Stories to Create and Perform:  With personal stories as a starting place, participants use a variety of theatre games and improvisations to write create performance pieces.


PLAA:  Physical Language Analysis for Actors

PLAA is an exciting, active new approach to actor training.  Based on investigating the “truths” our bodies hold, PLAA offers profound insights to “body language”.  This training provides participants with a vocabulary for developing characters, making concrete choices about actions and intentions, and describing what they see on stage and in life about the way human bodies and characters move and relate to one another.  All ages and levels, from beginner to professional.  A variation on this workshop specifically for teachers is also available.


Juicy Spines:  An hour-long movement class focused specifically on developing flexible and strong backs.  Consisting of floor work on mats, these exercises incorporate breathing, fluid movements with relaxation and toning.  This work draws on a number of movement forms from Nickolaus Technique to Yoga.  Grades 9 through adult.


A Plague on Both Your Houses:  This stage combat workshop uses Romeo and Juliet as a starting place to learn the language, passion and pugilism of Shakespeare.  Mercutio’s death scene at the hands of Tybalt is turned into a street fight that participants can learn in under 2 hours.  Issues of safety and partner work are addressed, as well as mimed and non-contact fight techniques. Grades 5 through adult.


Directing Student Actors:  A Visual Design Approach:  For anyone who wants to explore new approaches and strategies for creating stage pictures (blocking) with student actors. Transforming scripts into meaningful and engaging stage pictures and blocking can be daunting for even experience theater teachers and directors.  By using a step-by-step approach to blocking that draws on the elements and principles of visual art, teachers and directors can create visual imagery for student actors that help them understand their characters and the relationships between characters.  These stage pictures can also help the audience understand characters and their relationships more clearly.  For adults and Teachers.