Jewelry making took me by surprise.  I started working with metals to fulfill ideas I had for my Window Bowls.  This tangent pursuit in metals for my window bowls has expanded into some jewelry work.  I suppose that was to be expected, but honestly it surprised me a bit. Then while showing my best friend some pieces I had made for a new series of bowls, she said that they would make great brooches.  Well, that took care of Christmas gifts that year! That was in 2004. In the years since then I've taken more classes, explored and pushed around ideas.  Seems that the cross over is good for me-trying things out in the jewelry arena gives me more ideas for my Window Bowls and vice versa. 


Jewelry experience

The Art League in Old Town Alexandria, VA is where I got started with metal classes.  I have taken classes with Gretchen Raber and Nick Barnes there.  Closer to home, I took classes with Nancy DeMulder.  At the Haystack Mountain School for Crafts I took a fun and fantastic class on Cold Connections with Ken Bova.  Classes at North Country School for Craft and Touchstone School for Crafts introduced me to the work and teaching of Nancy Megan Corwin and Andy Cooperman-a huge influences for me!